Paintings abstracted in natural or expressionistic colors.

uit 2014 tot 2021 (klik op de afbeelding om het werk groter te bekijken)
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Wayfaring to the light.....


Sometimes in everybody's life there is a dark period and you have to fight against negative thoughts. But believe me, I know there comes a period again that you walk to the light and life is again continuing with positive thoughts and  happinez.  I wanted to paint this feeling in this painting "wayfaring to the light".  I do hope it gives you strength and the spirit you deserve. Galerie ArtFusion.

Old survivor! / Oerboom


 Title: Primordial Tree.Mixed technique acrylic on linen. In beautiful black/matte silver luxury list including hanging system delivered.Size 90 cm. x 90 cm. Free home delivery within the Netherlands.       

Blue Forest.


Blue Forest, painted with acrylic on linen and finished with varnish to keep the bright colours.Are you interested? One phonecall or email and you can always make an appointment to see the painting in real.        

Light in the Forest.


Red trees pasty painted in mixed technique. Flowers in the foreground of the forest whose trees almost come off the canvas. Wander along in this fairy-tale forest. Sides painted dark, can be hung without a frame, including hanging system.  

Forest at the end of the day.


Title: Forest at the end of the day. Painted with acrylic on linen in beautiful warm tones. Mixed technique on linen. Encased in luxurious blackwood frame with matte silver edge.  Free home delivery within the Netherlands.      



Title: Autumn Forest. Painted in beautiful warm tones on linen. Mixed technique acrylic on linen. Size 90 x 90 cm. Encased in luxurious frame black with matte silver edge. Free home delivery within the Netherlands. Beautiful atmospheric painting!    

Coloured Forest .


Coloured Forest, pasty and abstracted painted with acrylic on linen. Sides painted, including hanging. Delivery within the Netherlands in consultation or collection.