Natuur en stemmingen in elke vorm geabstraheerd weergegeven in oil of acryl . Ondergrond: paneel of linnen.

uit 2013 tot 2018 (klik op de afbeelding om het werk groter te bekijken)
stuur een bericht naar de kunstenaar

Mystique discovering


Mistique discovering.  I see my path, but I don't know where it leads !  Mixed technique on panel. Panel size 61 x 61 cm. Delivered Including wide luxury frame gold / dark red decor. Incl. suspension system. If interested, photo can be emailed from frame. Free delivery within the Netherlands.                                                                      

Come away with me....


Mixed technique on cotton premium extra, finished with varnish for retaining bright color. Incl. suspension system. Sides painted through, but still a nice white frame around it. incl. suspension. Size 80 x 80 cm. Beautiful painting! If interested, I can email you more photos including the frame! AA    

Inner Battle


Spiritual painting. Everybody has his own spiritual way to deal with life. Acrylic on cotton premium, finished with varnish to maintain bright color. Incl. hanging work. Size 60 x 60 cm.   AA



Title: Catwalk. All together we are one! Mixed technique on linen. Size 90 cm. x 90 cm., sides 4 cm. Sides painted in color, can be hung without frame. Figures finished with cast resin.  

Together we are one!


Butterflies dancing together in the light, they touch me, I am connected to them and I know ... it is good, I am alive! Title: Together we are one! Super nice object on your wall! Mixed media on linen (mounted in aluminum frame) .Size 80 x 80 cm x 4 cm .. AA.  

Art has no rules ! Special offer!


Art has no rules! Colorful abstract painting and pasty painted with acrylic on linen. Size 90 x 90 cm. If interested email for info -, take advantage of my crazy prices! AA  

Go with the flow! Special offer!


Go with the flow! Colorful painting in beautiful shades, an eye-catcher on the wall. Pastely painted with acrylic on linen.Ask info if you are interested or if you want to see more photos ... You always buy an unique piece! Quality canvases and paint. Size 90 x 90 cm. AA  



Beautiful large painting, oil on linen in size 100 x 100 cm., Can be hung without frame and incl. Hanging work. Pick up in Almere or bring it in due to size. First view without obligation, make an appointment by mail or tel. AA.  

Angel inside!


Love is all there is .. I see my guardian angel inside! Attractive colorful painting, eye-catcher on your wall. Technique: oil on linen, size 80 x 80 cm. AA.  



"Glow" an extremely intriguing and colorful painting. Incl. hanging work. Size 100 x 70 cm. Pick up in Almere or shipping in consultation AA  



Abstract painting with acrylic on linen, ready to hang. Very pasty painted layer by layer. Size 70 x 50 cm. Sale price! AA.  

Mystique landscape.


Title: Mystique landscape. Mixed technique on linen, finished with varnish. Including hanging system. Size 80 x 60 cm.  AA.